FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


If you already registered to this site, then you can login using the same login details that have been emailed to you before. If this is your first time here, then you can submit a ticket, after this process you will receive a password to login to our support center.



Colony offers our MYR Wallet and Hosted Digital Currency Wallet Service Free of charge. This means we will store your digital currency at no cost to you. We do not charge for transferring digital currency from one Colony wallet to another Colony wallet. If you transfer digital currency off the Colony platform, Colony will charge RM 1.00 in digital currency amount. “Digital Currency” means the digital currencies currently supported by Colony (i.e. Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Stellar, Ripple and Utilex)

Since there is no central bank controlling the digital currency rate, each website has its own digital currency rate. The price you see on our website is Pinkexc's digital currency rate and includes our fee of 5.00% for buy, 5.00% for sell and 5.00% for every digital currency conversion using Coinvata.

For credit/debit card transactions, the payment processor charges 2.50% additional fee. Unlike credit/debit card transactions, if you pay by bank wire there is 1.50% processing fee.

Apart from our fees, your bank may incur their own. If you’re not sure, contact them before placing your order.


Fees are added to the amount entered to arrive at the total for the order. For example, if you enter RM 100 as the amount of BTC to buy, the fee is 6.5% was included in the amount you enter and you will receive RM 93.50 worth of BTC.


Colony fees are added from the amount of BTC to sell. For example, if you enter RM 100 as the amount of BTC to sell and the fee is 5%. RM 105 worth of BTC will be removed from you Colony wallet and RM 100 will be credited to the selected payment method.


Purchases made using a credit card, debit card or the MYR wallet will take up to 24 to 48 hours.

You may see the digital currency immediately debited to your payment has finished moving between the banks. After the bank have processed the transfer, the funds enter our system and you will see the digital currency in your wallet.


When you place a sell order or withdraw MYR to Malaysia bank account, the money usually arrives within 1-2 business days.


You can direct buy or sell minimum RM 100 denominated in digital currency. For converting digital currency using Coinvata, minimum RM 10 denominated in digital currency.


All confirmed buys, sell, deposits and withdrawal on Colony are final.

Before any order processed, you will always receive a “Confirmation” prompt to make sure you are comfortable with the amount and timing of your order. Be sure to only click “Confirm” once you are sure you want the order to be processed as described in the confirmation window.

Trading at Colony is available 24/7 for reload fiat currency, withdrawal fiat currency and receive digital currency. Other services, buy, sell, exchange and send digital currency will be temporary suspended from 3.00 a.m. to 4.00 a.m. for daily system maintenance, account balancing or new program deployment.

Account Management

ID verification is required ot prevent fraud and keep the community safe. It also adds an extra layer of security by ensuring no one but you links your payment information such as your bank account or credit/debit card.

As part of Pinkexc commitment to remain the most trusted cryptocurrency platform, all IDs must be verified trough the Colony website or mobile apps. We do not accept emailed copies of ID for verfication purpose.

When uploading your documents:

  1. Ensure that the document are clear and legible. Blurry or illegible documents are not accepted.
  2. Ensure your document is in a well-lit area without glare.
  3. Photograph the entire document and avoid cutting off any corners of sides.
  4. Do not obfuscate any information and avoid cutting off any corners or sides.

When providing a 'selfie' photo of your face:

  1. Make sure the light is coming from in front of you, not behind you, such that your face is clearly visible without backlighting.
  2. Use a plain wall as a background if possible.
  3. Do not wear sunglass or hats.
  4. If you are wearing glasses in your ID photo, wear them in your selfie photo. If you are not wearing glasses in your ID photo, remove them for your selfie photo.

In the event you forget your password, please use the following steps to successfully reset your password.

  1. Click on Forgot Password page.
  2. Enter your email address and click “Reset Password”.
  3. This will send an email to the email address you entered. You must click the link in the email to open the new password page. If you run into trouble after clicking the link, please contact admin for support.
  4. Type in the new password you want to use, twice and click the confirmation button.
  5. You can now use your new password to ‘Sign In’.

In the event you forget your secret pin, please contact us via support ticket http://www.pinkexc.biz/tickets/. Be sure to enter your username, full name, ID number and a selfie in which you are holding your ID a paper with current date.


Using web browser

  1. Go to Wallet page.
  2. Select the type of digital currency you’d like to send.
  3. Enter receiver address.
  4. Enter amount you’d like to send denominated in either digital currency or fiat currency.
  5. Enter secret pin.
  6. Confirm send.

Using the iOS and Android Apps

  1. Select the type of digital currency you’d like to send.
  2. Enter receiver address or tap the take a picture of the QR code
  3. Enter secret pin.
  4. Enter amount you’d like to send denominated in either digital currency or fiat currency.
  5. Confirm send.

Using web browser

  1. Go to Wallet page.
  2. Select the type of digital currency you’d like to receive.
  3. Click ‘Receive’.
  4. Allow the sender to scan your QR code or click “Copy” and send your address to the other party.

Using the iOS and Android Apps

  1. Select the type of digital currency you’d like to receive.
  2. Tap ‘Receive’.

Allow the sender to scan your QR code or click “Copy” and send your address to the other party.

Incoming transactions show up in your account almost instant (within a few seconds) but will show as ‘Pending’ until there have been enough network conformations. The number of confirmations needed is based on the digital currency.

Digital Currency # of Confirmation Needed
BTC +6
ETH +6
BCH +6
LTC +6
XLM +0
XRP +6

Once a transaction is verified, it will show Complete in green. This lets you know that the transaction cannot be reversed and that the funds can be withdrawn.

Colony runs its own digital currency nodes that communicate with the rest of the network. When you initiate a transaction, we broadcast it to the rest of the network so it can be confirmed.

Our nodes may lose sync with the rest of the network for short periods of time. This can cause transactions to remain in the “Pending” state for longer than normal. Usually the delay is under an hour, and the transaction will eventually go through normally.

Occasionally, transactions are not accepted by the rest of the network and therefore are never considered to be ‘confirmed’.

Common causes of unconfirmed transactions

  1. Trying to spend unconfirmed coins - If you are trying to spend coins that appear as pending in your account, your transaction will not be generated until these coins confirm.
  2. The network is experience high volume - Sometimes there is a high volume of digital currency being sent globally and there are more transactions that there is space available in each new block include the transaction.

Due to the nature digital currency protocols, transactions cannot be cancelled or altered once they are initiated. This is what allows merchants to accept digital currency without the risk of chargeback. It also means users must be careful when they send funds, as transactions cannot be undone, outside of asking the recipient refund.

Due to the irreversible nature of digital currency protocols, transactions can neither be cancelled nor reversed once sent. In this scenario, it would be necessary to contact the receiving party and seek their cooperation in returning the funds. If you do not know the owner of the address, there are no possible actions you can to take to retrieve the funds.

Because of this, it is essential to exercise caution when sending. It is always recommended that you double-check that the address you are sending to exactly matches the address of the recipient before sending.

When you create a Stellar Lumens (XLM) deposit address under your Colony account, a unique ‘Memo’ is also generated. This Memo is an extra piece of information that can be included when sending a Lumens transaction. 

On Colony, the Memo is used to determine what account a given transaction should be assigned and credited to. This is because all Colony accounts use a single Lumens deposit address

The Memo has to be included with all XLM deposits to your Pinkexc account. An example Memo is:


Transfer out XLM to other wallet also must be included Memo. Other type of Memo are:

  • Text
  • ID
  • Hash

Always ensure to include the correct Memo before sending your XLM deposit. Leaving out this information will lead to significant delays in crediting the transaction to your account, and can be irretrievable in certain cases.

Pinkexc will not responsible if user sending XLM without Memo.

You may have heard of the new LTC SegWit address format, and we have too. Due to this new update, we want to clarify what types of addresses Pinkexc can and cannot utilize.

Litecoin has recently updated the prefixes of their P2SH addresses that begin with a '3' to addresses that begin with an 'M.' This change was made to stop confusion between BTC and LTC's P2SH addresses, which used to be able to have the same '3' prefix.  This does not affect all LTC addresses, as the 'L' prefix LTC legacy addresses (non-SegWit) will stay the same. 

PINKEXC currently is able to send LTC to addresses which begin with an 'L' or a '3' only. We currently do not support "M" addresses. 

If your wallet provider only creates the newer LTC addresses for your coins and you would like to use Pinkexc services to receive LTC or send please use converter using this link :


  • L & 3 - supported
  • M - not supported

What is JomPAY?

JomPAY is a national bill payment scheme initiated by Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM), and spearheaded by Payments Network Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. (PayNet) to encourage the use of making bill and invoice payments online.

Where can I find JomPAY?

JomPAY is available on Colony website and on our mobile application.

Do I have to register before making payments with JomPAY?

No registration is required. However, you must have Colony account. For more info regarding registration, please visit our website at colony.pinkexc.com

How do I pay with JomPAY?

It’s simple. All you have to do is to look for the JomPAY logo and Biller Code on your bill, log in to your Colony account and pay.

How long does it take for my payments to go through?

JomPAY payments are acknowledged by the business (or Biller) and the Operator on the day the payment is made, as long as it is a Operating Business Day and the payment is made before the cut‐off time set by the Operator (usually the end of the Operator’s business day). If you miss the cut‐off time, your paymentwill be acknowledged by the business(or Biller) and the Operator on the next Operating business day (not including weekends or public holidays). If you make a payment over the weekend or a public holiday, it will be acknowledged and processed on the next Operating Business Day.

Can I set a future dated payment?

No. This feature is not available.

How much is the charge to use JomPAY services?

All payments via JomPAY will be charge 3.5%. 

Is there a limit for JomPAY payment?

Maximum limit for JomPAY payment is RM 500 per day. 

What is a JomPAY Customer Reference Box? Where can I find it?

JomPAY Customer Reference Box contains unique numbers that your Biller uses to identify your account. You can find it in the payment optionssection of your bill ‐ just look for the JomPAY logo.

What is a Biller Code?

A Biller Code is a unique number to identify a JomPAY Biller.

Why does Ref‐1 change in some subsequent bills?

Ref‐1 could be customised to suitthe needs of a Biller. However, most cases, Ref‐1 is fixed.

What should I do if my payment did not go through?

First of all, check that your payment details are correct such as Biller Code, Ref‐1 and transaction amount. Ensure, that your Biller accepts payment from the type of account you are trying to pay from, this is spelled out in the bill or invoice. (For Colony wallet assistance, please contact Pinkexc Customer Support at 05-5251866.)

My Biller hasn’t received my payment. What should I do?

Check the time of payment ‐ if you missed the Operator’s cut‐off time, it won’t go through until the next Operator business day (not including weekends or public holidays). If your payment should have already gone through, please contact the Operator. Make sure you have the JomPAY Reference No. in hand so we can easily track the payment. JomPAY Reference No. is given by the Operator upon completion of payment.

What should I do if I notice an unauthorised payment in my account?

Please contact Pinkexc Customer Support at 05-5251866 immediately.

Buy and Sell

Using a Web Browser

  1. Go to Wallet page.
  2. Select the type of digital currency you’d like to buy.
  3. Click Buy.
  4. Enter the amount you’d like to buy denominated in either digital currency or fiat currency.
  5. Select your desired payment method.
  6. Confirm the order and upload the receipt if required.

Using the iOS and Android Apps

  1. Select the type of digital currency you’d like to buy.
  2. Click buy.
  3. Enter the amount you’d like to buy denominated in either digital currency or fiat currency.
  4. Select your desired payment method.
  5. Confirm the order and upload the receipt if required.

Using a Web Browser

  1. Go to Wallet page.
  2. Select the type of digital currency you’d like to sell.
  3. Click Sell
  4. Enter the amount you’d like to sell denominated in either digital currency or fiat currency.
  5. Select your desired payment method.
  6. Confirm the order.

Using the iOS and Android Apps

  1. Select the type of digital currency you’d like to sell.
  2. Click sell.
  3. Enter the amount you’d like to sell denominated in either digital currency or fiat currency.
  4. Select your desired payment method.
  5. Confirm the order.

Using Account Levels, you will able to buy and/or sell up to RM 100,000 per month with your bank, have immediate access to trading your digital currency purchases and sell the digital currency in your account.

You can easily see your current level and how to increase it by heading to the Account Setting. Depending on your current level, you can follow these quick steps to increase your account level:

  1. Verify your ID
  2. Your selfie. In your selfie, hold your ID.
  3. Verify your bank statement. The documents must be clear and legible showing your name, address and bank account number.


While Pinkexc takes extensive security measures to ensure your account is as safe as possible, there are some additional steps that we strongly recommend you take to help protect your account from unauthorized access.

Pinkexc staff will never ask for your password, 2-factor authentication codes, or other login credentials. We will never ask you to install remote login or remote support software on your computer.

Only contact Pinkexc through this portal or phone support on +60 (5) 5251866. Fake customer service numbers and pages are on the increase — please be careful to verify any information you find via forums, social media and google adverts.

If anyone claiming to be associated with Pinkexc Support requests this information, immediately contact us.

 You may disable your account at any time using the disable links in password reset, transaction confirmation and device confirmation e-mails.

Use a complex and unique password that is not shared or similar to those used on any other websites. These guidelines provide some information about what makes a strong password. It's also a good idea to change your password periodically (about every 3 months) and use a completely new password each time. Using a password manager such as 1Password or LastPass makes this easy to manage.

Also, never disclose your password to anyone. Pinkexc staff will NEVER ask for your password.

Take advantage of the 2-factor authentication (2FA) services we offer. This can be enabled on your Setting page by adding Authenticator.

TOTP apps are considerably more secure than SMS for 2FA codes, since they are tied to a specific physical device, not a phone number, which could be compromised in a phone porting attack.

If your email provider offers this functionality, consider adding 2FA to the email address you use to log in to Colony. Do not use VOIP, Google Voice, or other phone providers that send you 2FA messages via email to the address you use to log in to Colony.

If you use SMS 2FA codes, call your mobile provider and add additional protections to your account. For example, request a PIN or password for your account, ask for a port freeze and SIM lock (so attackers can’t move your phone number to a new carrier). If your carrier doesn’t support these added protections, consider changing to a carrier that does.


*Please download Google Authenticator before beginning this process

Log in to your Colony account using your current email, password and 2-factor authentication method.

  1. Navigate to https://colony.pinkexc.com/users/settings
  2. Select "Enable"
  3. Provide a 2-step verification code from a registered app (like Authy) or request code via SMS/text
  4. Install and open the Google Authenticator App on your device and scan the QR code displayed
  5. Complete setup by entering the code generated on your Google Authenticator app and selecting Enable. Google Authenticator will now be linked to your Colony account
  6. Congratulations, you have made your account dramatically more secure! You should now see this in your security settings.

Your email address is one of the most important connections between you and your Colony account! Make sure it is secure!

http://www.pinkexc.biz/tickets/. Be sure to enter your username, full name, ID number and a selfie in which you are holding your ID a paper with current date.

Do not use the same password on your email account that you do on your Colony account. If your email provider offers it, activate 2-factor authentication (2FA) on your email account to add an extra layer of security.

Be on the lookout for emails pretending to be from Pinkexc (you may have heard this called “phishing”). This is the most common way customers are compromised. Bookmark important websites (Pinkexc, email, banks, etc) and only visit those sites from those bookmarks. Avoid clicking links or opening attachments in emails. Pinkexc will never ask for your password, 2FA or remote access to your computer.

Bookmark https://colony.pinkexc.com in your browser, and only ever use this link to access the website. Be sure to check for the "lock" symbol appearing in your browser's address bar when you access Colony which indicates that your connection is secure. If this symbol is not present, double check the URL.

This article is to help bring awareness to some of the digital currency-related scams you may come across. Digital currency transactions are irreversible, if you send digital currency to someone there is no way to undo the payment. In this way, sending digital currency is similar to handing cash to a stranger in public, then walking away.

With this in mind, it’s important to have an idea of who you are dealing with prior to sending funds. If the service or merchant is not responsive when you have an issue, there is unfortunately no way to recover any lost funds.


  1. Never give support staff (or anyone else for that matter) remote access to your machine
  2. Never give out your 2FA codes, this is not something we would ever ask for, or expect you to provide.
  3. Double check that the support channel you are using is legitimate prior to sending funds.
  4. Search for publicly verifiable reviews or articles involving the recipient.
  5. Copy/paste links you receive in email rather than clicking on them. Often times an attacker will have a hidden link or redirect even though it shows as ‘https://pinkexc.com’
  6. Watch for grammatical errors in email or on websites. Scammers rarely take the time to proofread properly.
  7. Watch out for emails saying an individual has sent you money, when in fact the links in the message will open a payment window. If you aren’t careful it’s easy to send money from your account.
  8. Pinkexc will never ask you for your password.
  9. Be careful when opening any attachments included in an email as they could be malicious.
  10. You should also be careful of emails from people you know. Their email may have been compromised and could contain malicious content.
  11. Always keep your computer’s operating system up to date.
  12. Do regular scans using antivirus software. Scammers will often use malware to directly target individuals.
  13. Let us know if you notice anything unusual so we can take appropriate action.

Warning signs:

  1. Emails that appear to be from Pinkexc but are in fact slightly different in spelling. Example: [email protected], [email protected], etc. Notice the slight difference in the names, Pinkexc with a lowercase ‘ L ‘ in place of the ‘ i ’. Pinkexc spelled with an ‘ M ‘.
  2. Cloned websites that look identical to the Pinkexc website. The easiest way to tell is to look for the padlock icon in the address bar.
  3. Services or websites promising unusually high returns or other unrealistic investment opportunities. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.
  4. Phishing sites can come in many forms, refer to the following article for more on this topic: Reporting Phishing Sites

Other notes:

In some cases, scammers will even have an active support channel for a brief time before closing off contact and disappearing with all the funds they happen to be holding. As a general precaution, it would be to limit your contact with new or relatively unknown organizations until further research.